Omnia Corporate Products

Your needs, our mission.

Omnia is a holding company that provides services and products catering to major product sectors.
With a market of over USD 20T, Omnia offers solutions for companies and professionals who want to excel and differentiate themselves.
With an international network of strategic partners, Omnia is active in the following fields.

Strategic Consulting

strategic consulting for companies and professionals

Omnia provides strategic consulting in the following areas: representation in food and beverage, international projects in healthcare, international projects in logistics, start-ups.


logistic services and consulting

Omnia supports its partners with an international logistics network. B2B logistics services, logistics consulting.

Medical Distribution

technologies in the medical sector

Omnia provides the most advanced technologies in the medical sector: rapid diagnostics in oncology, advanced rehabilitation, treatments in oncology, genetics and genomics.


solutions for the security and defense

Omnia develops innovative projects for the safety and security of defense operators. Advanced ballistic protection, real-time monitoring.

Food and Beverage

consulting in the field of food and beverage

Omnia is your catalyst for F&B success with services including market analysis, brand development and positioning, product development and innovation, regulatory compliance.

Our Partners